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There is nothing more revolutionary than being true to you.

Are you ready to meet her?

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When was the last time you met her?

The woman who is full of energy and confidently walking through this. Present for the big and small moments of life. Grounded and connected to herself, even when things get bumpy.  

She, who wakes up in the morning with an appetite for life. Moving with passion. Allowing herself to show up exactly like herself.

How well do you know this integrated

and authentic version of yourself?

Your essence, your dreams & visions

are ready to meet you. Do you allow yourself to let them come alive?

Somatic Coaching

Your heart is beating for change, but you feel stuck and don't know where to start..

You want to 

  • uncover unconscious patterns 

  • learn to understand the language of your body and connect to your intuition

  • leave the emotional rollercoaster and find more stability, energy and focus

  • protect your own energy and set better boundaries 

  • get into connection with your most authentic self, your visions and dreams

  • more presence for the full spectrum of life

  • embody your feminine energy

  • wake up rested and move through the day with more ease 

  • live courageously alive

Within the coaching process, I merge the work with the autonomic nervous system with my knowledge of the polyvagal theory, yoga therapy, mindfulness and eating psychology.

Somatic Coaching & Breathwork | Charlotte Weiterer
Somatic Coaching & Breathwork | Charlotte Weiterer

Somatic Coaching is more than mindset work:

Whether you look into the future with confidence and take one step at a time towards your visions (and have the capacity to actually connect with them) depends less on your thoughts than on the state of your autonomic nervous system.

What you can expect on our journey together...

  1. We begin by getting into contact. Contact to your body, your soma, Your felt sense. Creating awareness for what is present. Explore your inner world. Meet yourself here.

  2. By increasing your awareness and allowing more space for the body to speak through sensations and emotions, we create capacity. Capacity for freedom. Capacity for your essence.

  3. Shifting states on a cellular level. A new way of being. A gentle yet powerful change of your nervous system state allows you to see things from a new perspective.

  4. Keeping the spark alive. Together we will develop a strategy to stay connected in the long term.

Image by Leon Seierlein

The Initiation

This is your starting point:

Getting into contact with your soma, your sensations, your body wisdom.

In 3 sessions of 60 minutes, we will explore what is present, what might be unconsciously holding you back and what would move the needle in order for you to move towards your vision.

Journey Home

Your Deep dive back home, back to your essence.


In 6 sessions of 60 minutes,

we will explore unconscious patterns and create space for your fullest life.

Allow yourself to become curious and present for life.

Come back home to a state of connection and begin to perceive the world from a new (ventral vagal) perspective.

The Tune Up

You are already well connected and want to keep the spark alive?

This is your tune up, your Maintenance.

1 session of 60 minutes.

You might bring a specific topic you want to explore or simply take care of yourself by consciously taking this time to feel and listen to what your body is needing.

Schritt 1:

Such dir hier einen Termin für ein Vor- bzw. Kennenlerngespräch aus. Dieses ist für dich völlig kostenfrei. In diesen 20-30 Minuten hast du die Möglichkeit mehr über meine Arbeitsweise mit dem Nervensystem durch NeuroEmbodiment zu erfahren und kannst mir von deinen Wünschen und Ideen erzählen. 

Gemeinsam finden wir heraus, wie eine Zusammenarbeit aussehen kann.

Schritt 2:

Du bist bereit dein Nervensystem kennenzulernen und dein authentisches und verbundenes Selbst nicht nur im Kopf zu kennen, sondern vollständig zu verkörpern?

Such dir hier deinen ersten gemeinsamen Termin aus.


How does scheduling work?

It's important to me to be there for you with my full attention and energy. That's why I invite you to leave some information about yourself and I will get back to you as soon as there is availability. Also, a

20 minute, free discovery call is part of the coaching process. We will arrange the dates for the sessions individually. 

Do I have the opportunity to stay in touch between sessions?

I want you to feel supported at all times.

That's why I also offer you help via email between sessions.

I don't know if somatic coaching is a good fit for me..

Let's chat and we'll explore together whether working together would be supportive for your matter :)

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