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Somatic Coaching & Breathwork | Charlotte Weiterer

My why: or,
how I landed here

Hi, I'm Charlotte - and I'm thrilled that you found your way here. I would like to share with you a little bit about my own journey.

My sense of adventure and curiosity has taken me to many exciting places around the world, but it's the journey within that has had the most impact on me and has been the most inspiring.

The journey home to myself.

For a long time, I was searching for this connection and relied too much on external voices, getting distracted by supposed ideals and limiting beliefs.

Driven by the search for answers, I have spent the last few years intensively studying various areas of holistic health (more on that below on this page)

and have learned at least as much about myself in the process. Today, I believe that everything we are looking for is already within us. That a fulfilling life requires a good connection to ourselves above all else. And that change and transformation can only happen through this connection.

That's why it's my passion to help you find your way back to yourself and your inner compass.

My personal and academic path has been characterized by twists and turns - and I'm grateful for every single experience.


What I am sharing today is a product of my own journey.

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Courageously ALIVE:
Vulnerable. Courageous. From the Heart.

My definition of a courageous life looks something like this:

Life-affirming and full of trust .Free to be and follow your own heart and desires. Present for the small and big moments. Courageous enough to be vulnerable.

I am done missing out on life.

I want to be here for it all. The full experience.

All the way alive..

We are already distracted enough, fast enough, dysregulated enough...

trying to control what cannot be controlled.

A courageous life can be quiet.

And it can be loud.

It can be whatever you imagine it to be.

What's the foundation for a full life?

A regulated nervous system that allows us to connect with our own needs and visions. A state that enables us to be there for life full of presence and energy.

Let's explore together & create capacity to live courageously alive!

Somatisches Coaching & Breathwork | Charlotte Weiterer

2023 - NeuroEmbodied Soul Centering® w. Dipl. Psych. Britta Kimpel*

2023 - Stabilizing Trauma Therapy w. HP Annegret Gärtner

2022 - Applied Polyvagal Theory in Therapeutic Yoga | Dr. Arielle Schwartz

2022 - Foundations of Yoga Therapy (300hr) | Vancouver School of Healing Arts

2022 - Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (200hr) | The Lab of Meditation

2022 - Pranayama & Respiratory Science (50hr) w. Julia McCabe

Self-employed within the holistic health field since 2022

2021 -  Mind Body Eating Coach | Institute for the Psychology of Eating

2020 - Yoga Teacher Training (200hr) w. Randelle Lusk & Jazz Braden

2019 -  Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) | CSNN, Vancouver BC

2015 -  B.A. Logistics and Retail, Hamburg

*marked trainings aren't fully completed yet

Curious Soul. 

Freedom Seeker.

Adventurous Heart.

Education & Trainings

I love learning and merging soul & Science.

In order to be there for you with an open mind and heart, I continue to educate myself and get coached myself.

I am incredibly grateful for all my teachers & Students who accompany me on this path - you rock!

Fehmarn Yoga & Coaching | Charlotte Weiterer
Mind Body Eating Coach | Charlotte Weiterer
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